Some twelve years ago I created the Speed Freaks brand.

And if some of you older fans of my work might remember, I started the brand by offering a unique painting scheme.

I basically would paint any of the releases any colour you wanted.

This worked very well as a starting point. Until I got an order book full for about 18 months and no time to create any new releases to add to the range. So mass production took over and the rest as they say is history.

Until now...

I’m always looking for ways to include unique automotive sculptures as part of the SPEED/STILL range at affordable prices.

Speed Freaks Originals now fills that gap.

The idea behind the new range of sculptures is this.


I’ve just created four new Hot Rod related subjects. Each in time will be part of the mass produced Speed Freaks range. However I’m now offering one-off editions of the same collection.

The plan is to paint each one in a unique style and colour. So you can buy a very special Speed Freaks edition. A one-off. No two will be painted the same colour or given the same race number or graphics. Each one will be hand painted by me, signed by me and numbered as an edition of one of one. Each edition is cast in a mix of bronze and marble resin, mounted on a hardwood base and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Prices will range from £175 to £225 for each edition. View the images to the right and make contact if you like what you see. As you might expect these new editions will sell very quickly and my intent is to produce new editions as time allows. So some different styles and colours might already be available but not displayed on the site. Also if you would like one of the sculptures in a specific colour or style , please make contact as provided you’re not asking for anything silly I might be able to help with your requests.